A preservative-free diet which optimizes both the immune system and the distinctive coloration of your prized Nishikigoi. Nobori is made with nothing but natural ingredients with no artificial pigments.

Nobori is specifically formulated with high nutrition wheat germ and papaya extract for excellent digestiblity. Nobori also contains hyaluronic acid, and ingredient of the koi mucous membrane. The pellets are floating type and will not cloud the water.

At each feeding, please only feed as much food as your Koi can consume in about five minutes. Most people simply put food into the pond in small amounts, allowing the fish to eat their fill. They do this process for about five minutes to ensure that all fish get good nutrition without polluting the pond water.


Fujizakura has been formulated to stimulate the immune system of Koi and goldfish to fight disease. Originally developed in Japan by researchers associated with Mie Univeristy in response to virus outbreaks which occurred in the Niigata prefecture, Fujizakura is the latest improved version of Medicarp which it now replaces.

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