Mardel Clout is changing the way we approach the ciliated protozoam parasites. It's gentle, it has minimal effect on the biological filtration and it's okay on live plants. It doesn't consume dissolved oxygen during treatment, and it doesn't require a water change.

All you do is MIX IT IN SOME WATER and thoroughly dissolve it at one tablet per ten gallons (check dose on bottle in case a "pond strength" is eventually released. And then you try and distribute this blue concoction through the pond / water as evenly as possible. It should be applied every OTHER day if you're only concerned about Flukes (and for three treatments, a total of six days, or a fourth treatment at Day Eight if you're obssessive.

For other ciliates, only one or two treatments may be necessary but a microscope can prove it. For those, it would be applied DAILY for three or four days.

For Anchor Worm or Fish Lice, skip it. There's better stuff.

More later. Check out for more on this.

An alternative to managing Flukes in Koi Ponds